Friday, July 29, 2005

Peace amidst Restlessness

Colors from the Underwater Realm

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thrills & Joys in the Seas

The sensation of flying and meeting the 'locals'.

Similan Islands, Thailand
Oct 2001.

** Fish thinketh - "Have we met before my dear sir?"
** Diver answers - "Glub-blub-glub-glub"

Chomodoris Willani

Nudibranch - Beautiful butterflies of the sea. It is a joy to see beautiful and marvellous creatures such as these in our seas.

Lankayan Island, Sabah
April 2002

Adieu till tomorrow

Tioman May 2004.
I had wished for a 'perfect' sunset 2 days earlier. Almost missed it but had time to run up to my room, unlock the door, get my camera, lock the door, run down to position myself at the dive-centre balcony to record this beautiful setting.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Will my children get to see these?

"We do not inherit the world from our parents but borrow it from our children".

The consequenses of our actions today will be felt by our children tomorrow.

A beautiful cowrie shell and best seen in its natural habitat. We have seen many that adorns the shelves of home and sold in souvenir shops. Will there be any left for future generations to admire in the seas?

The mantle of a giant clam. Do we really need to eat it?

A colourful Chomodoris nudibranch. How much will be left of a reef that is able to sustain its habitat?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Too High A Price

This is not a picture of nice corals nor that of beautiful scenery. It is a sad sight to behold to see that once again, the rich and powerful use the name of development to further fill their coffers while God's creation suffers the slow, suffocating death.

After the hue & cry has died down, the barges and machinery to build the Marina at Tioman commenced its invasion and started its piling work. Can you believe they are doing piling in the sea at a "designated marine park"? Politicians must have written their own dictionary and twisted the definition to something else. One would think that the noise on land from the piling is bad enough but can you imagine the sound being carried underwater? Sound waves would be shock waves from that thing hammering down. Seems like putting "nails into the coffin" for the surrounding marine life.

Why can't these people leave well alone??

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Goby & Shrimp

Finally managed to capture a picture of the tiny (Imperial?) shrimp that forms a symbiosis with the pin-starcushion. This little bugger is hard to spot as it usually scampers around in speeds that seems impossible for its tiny legs. How tiny? No more than 5mm length... maybe smaller. I don't know cuz I was too busy trying to take the photo and didn't carry a measuring tape.

This picture was shot during a night dive. Either the light or the fact that it was night made it stay in place long enough for me to take pictures that I think would be near impossible to take during the day. Bonus that I caught on pic a goby as well.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Just something to think about

To see a world in a grain of sand

and a heaven in a wild flower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand

and eternity in an hour.

- William Blake -

Flashback of one Sunday morning

Woke up early that morning. Instead of going back to sleep, we decided to go for a walk at the park nearby. It has been a long time since we have gone for early morning walks. The air is usually crisp and fresh then. Although we had noticed the dark clouds nearby, we chose to proceed without any artifacts that would offer meagre protection in the event of rain.

It started out pretty much the usual expectations. Feeling the cool air of a weekend with little traffic noise, other people walking in the park, some exercising. We had proceeded to some distance when suddenly noticed a distinct gushing sound. I've heard this before and it is not the rustling of leaves from the wind. This was the sound of rain... heavy rain! We didn't make it very far before the skies opened. A small shelter was nearby and made a dash for that. There were another two or three (can't remember now) others that were also seeking refuge from the rain. Actually, I would not have minded walking in the rain save for the fact that we had our handphones and someone had brand new Nike shoes.

The wind picked up and the shelter proved no match for the combined efforts of nature to get us wet. Leaving my handphone in the safety of my companion who struggled a while to keep them dry, I weathered the rain to a neaby garbage bin to rip off a part of the garbage bag. Quite an effort to tear off at the garbage bag as the material was thicker than the ordinary garbage bags used at home. The others huddled at the shelther must be thinking that I had lost my marbles. Of course it became clear when we used the piece of "stolen" material to wrap the handphones in effort to keep them as dry as possible. What we did next would reaffirm their suspicions that we are mad as we decided to walk in the rain and enjoy it. What a thrill with senses coming alive with each raindrop and getting goosebumps from the cold. Poor Nike had a through soaking with rain from the heavens and puddles on the ground. It has been a long time since I last walked in the rain and usually its getting caught in it, not deliberately taking a walk in one.

Suffice to say we were a sight when we reached the door of our abode. A nice hot shower and a hot cup of Nescafe after was heavenly. What a great start to the morning!

And Nike sat out to dry on old newspapers.

Journey of a different sort

Dreams. A journey to a world where the laws of physics as we know it are non-existant. Sometimes pleasant and at times terrifying. A journey into the subconciousness where one's deep, dark desires and fears are kept from the mortal world. Each night I venture into this world not knowing what path I would take. Sometimes I would not even recall the journey nor was it in black & white or colour. Does it matter? Does it mean anything?

How could I even begin to describe a dream? It is so weird. No storyline, no plot, no sense even. I can at best describe bits and pieces of it.

Last night's started with watching a vehicle going off an unfinished flyover. I think I was in that vehicle but I was watching it! I "knew" that the occupants would survived although the "crash" was not seen. Sometimes I have an awareness that I was in dreamworld and able to "steer" the events to some extent. Next I found myself swimming to a boat and getting on. I remember the water was crystal green so I guess I do dream in colour! I got to the front of the boat. I think it was like a 'sampan' and I was up in front as it moved along. I looked down and we were on a road going uphill! I didn't look back to see what kind of motor we were using or whether we had wheels underneath. Must remember to do that next time. Finally stopped at the ridge overlooking a valley. Beautiful valley and someone was mowing the grass. A couple passed by with a guide, and they were covered with grass cuttings ... haha. The couple, tourists I gathered, were grumbling at the guide. "You brought me all the way here to show me a tea-plant?" Grumble, mumble...

The boat got on its way again. Destination, a cave where I was to meet up with friends. You are really going to like this boat now. It "sailed" over the valley and we were flying! I really got to get this boat. This might have been influenced by the Slatifarblast's Aircar at Margathea workshop (HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy). Below I could see some primitive life, apelike but more human in stature. Took some photos too. Now if only I could get the prints.

That's about it before I was called back to the present world.

Men ARE from Mars and Women ARE from Venus

They both found each other on Earth and since then, fighting to have each other understood. Both see they are right and the other wrong. Is there a true right or wrong? Right and wrong are just a matter of perspective. Having the majority number also helps. Can Men take directions from Women? Men don't listen right? Or do they? Was is possible that the Man was so focused in his objective that the information takes time to be processed? Does that make Women better because they listen better than Men? Was it in the grand design that one were to be superior and dominant over the other?

Why don't we learn acceptance? Not acceptance with a resigned sigh but with an understanding that Men & Women are what they are for the different roles they play and were meant to complement each other.