Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mad About Waterfalls!!

Lata Kijang in Negri Sembilan.

Aerial view:

Lata Kijang from the base:

Lata Kijang: Someone trying to be "human dam".
Lovely clear, cool waters.

Unknown, unspoilt waterfall somewhere in the jungles of Peninsular Malaysia.

Lata Seminyang: A.k.a. the twin of Buaya Sangkut Waterfall

Upper tiers/cascades of Jerangkang Falls:

Upper tier/cascades of Berkelah Waterfalls

Twin falls at the lowest tier of Berkelah Falls:

Gunung Tapis Waterfall or more porpularly known as Rainbow Falls.

One of the tallest falls in Peninsular Malaysia

The reason why it is also known as Rainbow Falls:

View from base to the top

That's all. For more information about the falls and a very comprehensive listing of waterfalls in Malaysia, please visit