Monday, May 31, 2010

Carey Island Daytrip - Misc

The day started out rather wet and gloomy. Not sure which way the weather would go but the opportunities it presented was beautiful!

The gorgeous & magnificent Flame of the Forest against the dark & rainy morning sky.

Closer look at the flowers...

..getting an even closer look.

Fishing boats at Kg. Batu Laut.

Tide's out and so are the people for a stroll or collecting mussels/clams etc.

The monkey on the left was making eye gestures at the other monkey.

Raptor approaches the pole while the kingfisher bolts.

Pretty birdie on a coconut tree.

Fiddler crabs looking like they are greeting each other with a hand claw-shake.

Carey Island Daytrip - Kingfishers

Kingfisher in the rain.

This one looks all ruffled up! Not looking very happy.

Angry looking fella.. LOL!

White-collared kingfisher in the mangrove.

Carey Island Daytrip - Raptors

Black-shoulder Kite. This raptor has beautiful eyes!

The piercing glare...

Graceful flier...

Mating pair (?)

This magnificent Serpent Eagle was perched on a great position for us to shoot and was very cooperative & photogenic.

Beautiful patterns...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mycena something - Lumeniscent Mushroom

This tiny mushroom is no bigger than 5mm and favours rotting bamboo.
Nothing extraordinary about it... until the lights go out...


It is so pretty.