Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Island (Tioman) Getaway

Making up for 2009, our 2nd visit for the year before the end of 1st Quarter 2010. Blessed with good weather for our dives and excellent for getting great colours for photos.

Missed out on the dolphins as the pod was spotted on our way back from our dives. None of us had a camera then. Even if we did, the dolphins were pretty far away for a descent shot.

The inviting waters on the day of our arrival. We would be jumping off the jetty (left of the pic) every day be it low or high time. Low tide means more airborne time ;-)

Fiery sunsets...

... even if the sun was obscured by clouds, the sky would be on fire.

Nocturnal creatures:
A flying fox....

... and Ghost crabs (I think that's what its called).

For size comparison only. Creature was not harmed in any way during the course of this photoshoot.

"Howling" moon. Good for Thriller music to be played.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And more Raptors

Made another trip back to Tg. Tuan to see if we can catch more raptors flying in. Although we were earlier than the previous week, the raptors were even more early. According to the birders doing the raptor count, most of them came in around 9.30am.

Managed to catch some of the later ones as they arrived.

Like fighter squadrons as they approach land.

I love the wing spread as they glide so magnificently.

Look of relief?

No, not a raptor that has fallen into the sea but a turtle! There were lots of turtle sightings in the sea below the lighthouse. Looks like a hawksbill turtle.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Raptors over Tg. Tuan (Raptor Watch 2010)

These magnificent birds of prey are on their annual migratory flight back to their breeding grounds up north. Some heading to Japan, Korea, India, China even as far up as Mongolia & Siberia. They seek refuge south during the winter months.

These birds have just crossed over the Straits of Malacca from Sumatra. Its a perilous journey as they must gain sufficient height to glide over the straits least they plunge into the sea. Some are really low by the time they are near to land and have to flap the remaining bit.

Raptors over the landmass catching the thermal updraft to gain height before gliding to the next destination.

Catching the raptors at eye-level from the Tg. Tuan lighthouse.