Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rainbow Portal

Here something I saw the other day. Somewhere over Tampin and we were in a light drizzle when the sun broke through the early morning;
A rainbow but not just any rainbow. Instead of just a semi-circle, for the first time I saw a full circle! The only other times I saw full circle rainbows were around the sun or moon. Those were known as icebows. This was not an icebow as the circle was on our right, whereby the sun was on our left.

I looked up the net and found that this is normal due to our altitude. Rainbows when viewed from high altitude such as an airplane would be seen as a full circle rainbow. Makes you wonder that all the other rainbows seen were only half of its full glory.

It was huge and and my G7 could only capture a part of the rainbow. My Dslr with the 10-22mm mounted was in the bag, out of reach.

What if we managed to through the rainbow? Would it be a gateway or portal to another dimension? Hmm.. I think its influence from the Stargate series...