Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blogging a post or posting a blog??

Everyone seems to be blogging something so why not join the crowd. I'm not one who usually go with the flow but then again, if it gives a channel to put down my thoughts, opinions, musings or even ramblings, why not? I tried to keep a diary during my younger years but never cought on. Maybe this would be different since I don't have to write. I'm lousy with a pen but a keyboard... ahhh... that would be different.

So hence my first ever blog. Mind you I've signed up for this freebie some time ago but found nothing to blog. Not that there nothing in my brain ... on the contrary, too much muddlings to sort out. Some thoughts are too private for public consumption (hey, its fair that I still have my own private thoughts right?).

Ok for now. Btw, I'm at Starbucks in Menara Maybank when I should be at my desk but I have a legitimate excuse to be here.