Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rainbow Season!

Times like this you would wish that you did bring along your camera everywhere no matter how bulky it was. Wishing won't help but having a phone with even a 'cacat' camera is better than nothing.

A shot from the past, never before published for reasons unknown...
This was taken on 11 April 2005:

From the recent spate of rainbow sightings - Evening of 29 May 2006 ...

... and the morning after - 30 May 2006.

For better rainbow shots from the Rainbow Master, click here ...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lata Kinjang Falls

The majestic waterfalls up closer. Easily spotted from the North-South Highway but only accessible from the old trunk road just off Tapah.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Taiping Lake Gardens

A touch of nostalgia to the very old but still magnificant trees at Taiping Lake Gardens.

Taiping Night Zoo - Night Scenery

Enclosure of the Sugar Gliders.

This enclosure is shared by two 'residents'. By day the chimps are out and by night, it is the domain of the Spotted Leopard... in this photo, it would be 'Spot the Leopard.'

Walkway beside a lily pond by night. Special lighting effects coutesy of Moggie... Cool way to shoot dude!

What else can I say about this except those are birds perched on the tree branches.

Taiping Night Zoo - Creatures Part 2 of 2

"Oh darn honey.. Caught in the act!".

"Tweet-tu-wuu". Wise old sayeth something to Moggie.

This is a False Gharial. Wonder what does the 'real' Gharial looks like?

Another owl looking very grumpy being flashed by photographers.

This is not your ordinary household meow-meow. He was in the Binturong pen probably looking for food.

Taiping Night Zoo - Creatures Part 1 of 2

The Slow Loris - Cutie peeking and maybe thinking, " Oh no. Here comes another bunch of tourists and I'll be seeing spots the whole night!"

Unlike the other Noctural animals, this Binturong wouldn't give a damn. He looks super comfy just dangling on that narrow branch. Even when the keeper came to feed them, the food almost had to be fed into the mouth.

Bat coming in for his meal.

It was wonderful to see the lions so active unlike the day when they would just lie under the shade. This majestic creature's roar is truly a sound to behold.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flower ... Orchid la..

Some picks from the temp shop set up at the Birdpark parking lot as the Orchid Garden was still closed for renovation.

More pics will be posted up to

Like a spanish dancer twirling to the flamenco..

Bent Pillar of Colors

By the time my camera was out, the light had faded and this was the image recorded. Not as good as Moggie's and Ladyhawk's.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Splendour of Colours

The patterns on the peacock can be mesmerizing.