Monday, April 28, 2008

Return to Balihai

It feels like a long time has passed since I last stepped foot on the island of Tioman but really, it has been only 4 months. Well, it was a long time for me but I finally made it there again not once but twice in a span of 1 week. Crazy huh?

Balihai's Dive Boat at Panuba Jetty:

Panuba Resort with crystal waters and nice quiet surroundings:

Underwater critters just meters off the beach. A starfish 'standing' up:

One of Ladyhawk's fave; 'Electric-Blue' Damsels

A shoal of fishes feeding. They seem to move and feed together.

This parrotfish was kinda camera shy.

Baby cuttlefish in the shallows!! A marvelous encounter.

Same cuttlefish with its rapid colour change camouflage. Seems a bit confused here as to what colour that could blend with the hand underneath it.

New cleaner shrimp just off Panuba Jetty. Bigger than the other cleaner shrimps found near the tyre but just one or two of these.

Not sure if this is a sole or flounder or whatever.

Cat shark found just 50 meters from the shoreline at a depth of 2 1/2 meters. Unsual for it to be out in the daytime. Although we could not see any sign of physical injury, there was definitely something wrong with it. Made us feel happy and sad at the same time.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Merambong Island

On the south-south-west tip of Johor, there lies an island named Merambong. It is not very big. Maybe the size of small football stadium? Despite its size and its proximity to a very busy port, the island holds many surprises. The surrounding areas are rich in marine life! How long this will remain depends on the political powers that be. Conservation efforts and awareness are but a small voice in the gale forces of 'money talks'.

We made a weekend journey down south and these are some of the images captured:

Merambong and its surroundings at low tide. It was difficult to walk without stepping on something that could be a marine lifeform.

Another use for a discarded truck tire. It is now the base for seagrass and other smaller marine creatures to shelter. Further back of the photo you would be able to make out the 2nd Link Bridge from Johor into Singapore.

A Peacock Anemone in the shallow water.

Here's another view from beneath the water surface.

Walk slowly and you will chance upon many interesting creatures. Can you spot the crab in the picture?

Its not that big, but rather brave. Stood up against a monstrous lens that might have 'sucked' its lifeforce away!

Walking in the shallow waters, there are many flower crabs that you can see. There's not one, but two in this picture!

It was defending its mate. All these while, the mate in front never moved the tiniest bit! The one at the back would do its best, even running off to try to draw attention away then zooming back to its defense position.

This was another interesting crab. I was about to take some shots of it underwater but it scooted away before I could get into position. While I was tracking to see where it might have gone to .....

.... this came into my view. WOW! Forget the crab! I've got a more interesting subject now. Maybe it was the crab's ploy to get away... hahaha!

A Hippocampus Kuda - Seahorse

Gorgeous! That itself would have made the whole trip worthwhile.

How the underwater pics of the seahorse were taken:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wide Angle Takes

Here's some experimental shots using wide angle lens. Practising with some low angled perspective. Comments and suggestions welcomed.

From the angle of ants:

Left behind... if I had fallen down, this would be my view:

Perhaps this instead?: