Friday, April 01, 2011

Kg. London & Lata Kijang Waterfall: 2008

In my earlier blog I mentioned about the abandonment of Kg. London and the flash-flood struck Lata Kijang. It was then I realized I had not blogged about my first and earlier visits to these two places. May I now present some images from my first visit to these two beautiful places 3 years earlier.

On the initial aerial recce, we spotted a settlement close to the waterfall.

Just a few houses on a ridge.

The very tall Kijang Waterfalls.

Near the base was a hut/shelter. From the scale you can imagine the height of the waterfall!

We landed on a banana plantation near the village and got two of the village guys to take us by bike to the waterfalls.

The bridge below was named "Indiana Jones" bridge due to the rickety and often unusable condition. It was subsequently repaired before my 1st road trip in later.

At the 1st shelter of Kijang Waterfalls. It doesn't look as high from the ground as the upper part cannot be seen.

Our two Temuan Orang Asli guys who gave us the ride on their bikes. Here they are at Kg. London, the village we spotted from the air.

The village as I saw it then. On the left foreground was the Tok Batin (village head).

It is now but a memory.

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caseytaykc said...

Amazing what nature can do. It seems like the waterfall course have changed. Interesting post. Never knew we had a Kg. London around.