Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fraser's Hill Shoot: 12-13 March 2011

The Shootroopers' arsenal:
5 dSlrs (4 Canon + 1 Nikon), 1 Rangefinder (Olympus Pen), 1 Canon P&S, 3 smartphones (not in pic)
2x Sigma 150-500mm
1x Canon 100-400mm
1x Canon 100mm Macro
1x Nikon 105mm Macro
2x Tamron 17-50mm Standard
1x Lumix 20mm Pancake lens
1x Lumix 45-200mm
1x Canon 70-300mm
3x Canon Speedlite 580 EX-II
1x Nikon SB-800
3x Manfrotto Tripods (Not in photo)

One of the biggest cicada I have seen in recent memory.
To know more about cicada : http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/bugs/cicada/

Its been a while since I have done macro. Still one of my fave subjects:

Dew on a spider's web in the early morning is so beautiful.

Here are the shootroopers in action. And guess what are they eyeing on?

This is the target of those scary-looking bazookas: The Black-throated Sunbird (M).

The prize bird of the trip: Red-headed Trogon(F)!!!
Such magnificent color. Thanks to the sharp and keen eye of Milo who was in pursuit of a drongo.

The back of the Red-headed Trogon(F).

That's all for this post.


caseytaykc said...

nice.. love the spider web shot, though I'm not a big fan of spiders.
and most likely the birds are laughing their feathers off seeing us running after them.

Andy said...

Good Golly....the arsenal has grown, and soon will be even larger! Nice web, dude.

Milo said...

Ehh Soon will be larger? Do I sense a Bazooka coming into the picture? :D

Dang you also got a nice shot of the Trogon!

Lisa said...

love the shots! *thumbs up*