Monday, May 25, 2009

Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld)

Kuala Sepetang (originally Port Weld) is a fishing village in Perak amidst the Matang Mangrove. The first railway in Malaysia was built in 1855 from Port Weld to Taiping.

Other than fishing, another industry is charcoal production. Here you can see the prized mangrove (bakau minyak) stacked outside waiting to be placed in the kilns for the baking process.

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Kingfisher Shots

An unexpected opportunity + friendly subject + camera on hand = best kingfisher shot to-date.

Just a mere 25 feet away and not bothered with what the fuss is about below:

A few moments after this shot, it flew off to intercept something in mid-flight. It caught something in its beak and perched higher on a nearby tree. Milo's shots on his super-tele managed to make out that it was a lizard in its beaks! Photo of the kingfisher with the lizard in its beak can be viewed here -> Dreamer's Cove (Meet the King).

Monday, May 04, 2009

Children of the Earth

City-parents will be shocked to see children here play and have fun in the river without any adult supervision. To the kids, this is their home and playground, where they learn to live in harmony with mother nature. I would assume that they are not oblivious to dangers but have learned to mitigate and developed the skills needed to manage the risks.

Fun cum bath all in one go... the fun bit I heard is only during weekends. The smiling faces of the Semai children are genuine and heartwarming.

They are nimble and surefooted as they run along wet rock surfaces and leap from rock to rock...

... they know where the rocks are and aim for the deeper sections. You feel like joining them, but we the city'fied folks should know better.

As with any other kids, the desire to impress and show-off but nothing materialistic. Vast difference from the city kids.

Perhaps this would be for a shampoo commercial ;-)

One won't stay dry for long. The kids will 'gang-up' and make sure you get your bath too...

... camera and cameraman not spared.