Monday, March 17, 2008

Mangrove Garden (Lumut)

One of our crazy weekends and a run up to the North of the country. Stopped over at a Mangrove Swamp Park. A raised walkway had been constructed to allow visitors to enter the mangrove and not get their feet wet and muddy.

Information signboard on the importance of mangrove forest/swamp.

Always on the lookout for these colourful fiddler crabs down the mud below.

Hmmm... under-developed claw?

This is how you get closeups of the fiddler crabs from the walkway. Hold on to something, lean over the edge as far as you can and try not to fall down!

Another use of the mangrove tree ....

A Charcoal Kiln .... that will be another story...

End of a hot, hot day...

Many a time we take things for granted. For example this beautiful sunset. We would get so caught up with things that this would go almost unnoticed even if it were staring at us.

This is one of my favourite moments at the end of a hot, hot day. Hot weather is usually taken for granted. I was a a conference today and one of the speakers from overseas told us when he left Maine (US) 2 days ago, his hands were blue when he left the airport. No wonder there's so many Mat Sallehs (local slang for Caucasian) enjoying the hot sunny weather here. Only problem with that is most don't realize the sun here gets extremely hot. Forget the sun tan oil... even with sunblock you could get a sunburn.