Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Drive...

Its been some time since going for a photo-shoot. Decided to take a drive to one of those roads that offered a scenic view of the city. Been here once or twice but during the night. The last time we passed, we noticed a place called Lookout Point but it was closed for some renovation or something like that. This time it was opened. There were 4 restaurants there, an observation tower and a gorgeous view of the city!

Beautiful clump of Staghorn ferns high atop one of the trees there.

Left the place in search of a waterfall but got sidetracked to a riverside. There was a snack shop with the operators closing up for the day. The makcik was burning some leaves and the smoke presented a nice photo-opportunity.

The enticing river on a hot day. We were not prepared to get wet so not even our toes touched the water.

The pakcik at the food stall told there was a ikan-bakar (BBQ fish) restaurant run by his brother just round the corner (literally). Supposedly famous though we've never heard about it. We decided to give it a try.

At first the setting look like it was pretty small although we were informed it could hold 300 ppl.

Then as we walked in further, we begin to see all the dining areas. By the lakeside...

... amongst the trees...

... and even elevated! We chose this one ;-)

There were little booths set up around the area to give the diners some nice cosy, private (somewhat) atmosphere. We did wonder how the diners were going to call the waiter/waitress since the booths were spread over a large area. Perhaps just wait until one happens to pass by or someone has to walk over to the cashier if they want something.

This was how the fishes were BBQ'd. The 2 we ordered are on the left of the picture.
Sorry we forgot to take a picture of our orders before we gobbled it down. Was OK, nothing to shout about really but the setting was kinda unique.

That's it folks!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ulu Geroh & Rafflesia

Wishing all a Happy 2008 ahead! These few photos are a little late. Taken last year just before Christmas, these images from 2007 were held back to make way for the season's greetings.

Aerial approach into Ulu Geroh. In this area, the Rafflesia blooms the year round. The Malaysian Nature Society with the SEMAI have done a great job in protecting the area while creating an opportunity for low impact eco-tourism.

Can you spot the football field we are to land on?

Right over the village now. Can you spot Dewan Rafflesia? That is the 2-storey multi-purpose hall with basic accommodation for overnighters.

Here... let me help point it out.

The Rafflesia. Looks big yes? It is big, just not as big as what this photo may depict.