Thursday, April 27, 2006

More of Tioman's underwater denizens

Coral growth on the reefballs at the Pahang Royal Reef, Renggis island

Shark egg-pods? If so, sharks have hatched.
Renggis island

Blue-spotted sting ray, Pirate's Reef.

Dude turtle at Renggis island

Mr. Grouch - Scorpion/Stonefish? Renggis island.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tioman's Underwater Residents 2/2

Chomodoris "Pyjama" at Panuba House Reef.

Little "Ghost" Shrimps lurking around the Panuba House Reef.

"I am not Nemo!"
Anemone Clownfish amongst the safety of the Anemone host's stinging tentacles.

Tioman's Underwater Residents 1/2

Blooming Yellow Daisy Corals at Malang Rock. Usually at full bloom during nights, these were located underside of a large boulder.

Joruna Funebris nudibrach at Chebeh.

Cuttlefish at Malang Rock.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On the Lotuspad

Water drops can be so fascinating.

On closer inspection, it is like a crystal ball .. but no future to be foretold here. Just reflections from the canopy above, and a silly mugshot reflection if you get close enough.

Grace & Power

What's masculine for Ladybug?

Dragonfly eyes and wings are so fascinating in details.

Furl & Curl

Like a new carpet rolling open, but nature's beauty cannot be duplicated.

Taking cue from Moggie & Ladyhawk and coming up with a simple subject.

Very tiny but pretty flower

This pretty and delicate flower would probably be trampled by just about anyone. Why? It is so tiny on the ground that one can hardly notice it. It was no bigger than 3 mm.

Here's a frontal shot up close... but not too personal.

Eeee... Incy-Wincy Spider

This little bugger first landed on my cap ...
Four eyes? Six perhaps?

He had hopped on my arm and was staring right up my 90mm lens.
Big Canon was pointing down right at it... maybe that's why his eyes looked like its popping out.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

How do you Dew?

The jewels that are found after the morning showers.

Images from Lake Gardens

Incy-wincy spider waiting for Little Miss Muffet.

Sea of Yellow ..